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iHola! mi amigos. 

God, I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am right now. I've been surviving on 3 hours of sleep and if you ever wondered what a zombie looked like, come to the Harvard MUN conference and you'll see. Everything I see is literally cut off by my half lidded eyes, I really don't know why I'm still up typing this when I could be sleeping. Blame it on the generation I was born in, technological-addicts. Today was surprisingly fun, it wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be, I actually managed to raise points of motions and add myself to the speakers list. Woot woot for me. Oh by the way, I've gone vegetarian. Still a fucking hard habit to get used to, Tra My was eating dumplings today and I literally sat there as she asked everyone else to help her finish it, completely, left, out. But oh well, I'll get used to it and it's for the greater good anyways. I'm sitting in the lobby right now, well not exactly the lobby, more like the lounge.... if you're wondering what the difference is, I really can't be arsed to explain it so... 

Tomorrow, we have free time for about 3 hours, which I know doesn't sound like much time, but if you've sat in the caucuses, crammed in a small room for 6 hours, more or less, everyday, 3 hours of free time is a gift from God. I haven't taken a shower in a day, jesus, it's disgusting. And you should see the room I'm staying in, it looks like a tornado ate it and puked it back out. There just isn't any time! There's not enough time to do anything and everything's so rushed. I was actually quite relieved about this trip a second ago, but now that I'm writing and reflecting, everything I detested about going to this trip is just popping back at me and proving that I, indeed, should not have signed up. The assessments I have piled up right now is just too heavy, I might die. I can't wait to get home. Can't wait to stop using "This delegation" instead of "I" and stop asking "Points of personal privileges" to go to the bathroom. I want internet, food and a shower. My eyes are actually starting to hurt now, I swear my health is slowly deteriorating. I'm going to turn into a painful heap of fat very soon. I'm only looking forward to the delegate dance and the closing ceremony, if I can be honest, and I'm not even as excited as everyone else is for that. I don't have a mask, I'm ugly and unattractive and I might as well go to the masquerade with poop smeared on my face. Just, jesus. I can't wait to get home. 

Today we started the day off by waking up at 7:30 in the morning (we were late) and everyone got themselves ready to go to the forbidden city. Mind you, we only have a maximum of 4 hours of sleep last night. Did you know, 4 star hotels in Beijing have shitty concierges? Now you do. We ate what was left of breakfast, emphasis on the what was left. And we set off to the forbidden city. It really isn't anything special to me, just a bunch of chinese imperial houses with the same upside down boat shape and colorful dragon carvings, repeated over and over in the form of a city. We paid 800 dollars for this, I wanted to gauge my eyeballs out. We then went to eat lunch and we made our way into this run down little food court and all bought ourselves some food, I had some veggie soup and Tra my took the liberty of flaunting her beef dumpling in my face. We rushed back to the hotel then, late again, and got changed in an hour, late, and went to a hall for the opening ceremony, then it was dinner and we ordered pizza (veggie pizza's surprisingly amazing) and shared it between our school. It really wasn't worth it, just a reminder to future self. Then we had committee I guess, there's nothing really much to tell you.

Future me, I'm sure you've been to a lot of committees by now, just let me remind you that each and every committee will always be just as boring, if not more boring, than the last. No matter if it's run by Harvard or your mom on a bad day, it's still going to be boring. Truth be told.

I'm going to go get some actual sleep now, before my body actually dies on me. Cant, open, eyes. 



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