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Sunday 1st April 2012 1:50PM
I got a new couch today, and I also lost my cat today. Well almost. 
I can't even begin to tell you how scared I was, I was inches away from breaking down. And fuck was I mad, I mean someone lost my cat and had the audacity to say it's okay and we'll just get a new one. No. Not to mention I looked like a lunatic running around the streets with Miro's favorite toy screaming COME HERE BOY COME HERE. Must've made some great impressions.

But I found him anyways, it really is a miracle, I swear he was just playing an april fools day joke on me. I collared him up though and he gave me the look of death. Oh well, bitch deserves it for scaring me like that. 

And Happy April Fools Day everyone! 


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