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Dear all, 

Today was my first day on holiday, it wasn't all that adventurous at all but a lot happened, nonetheless. When we arrived, we were welcomed by the chief minister, I'm not even kidding, apparently it was one of the first flights here or something like that, they even had little cute beetle-like automobiles hose the entire 747-400 down. It was really cute actually, nothing like that had ever happened before. The chief minister was really nice but I guess he had to put on a show, there was a bunch of paparazzi (paparazzis? paparazzi?) with pretty ass cameras, might I add, that were snapping away while he shook our hand and asked us questions. He recommended this spa, and god I really wanted to go, what with looking at all the onsens we missed out on. Mom and I checked it out, couple thousands for an hour. Seriously. I miss my onsen ;( Yeah so Mom forgot to take a picture of him and I so she bitched about that for a while. Kidding Mom, love you... Limo to the hotel bitches, yeahh. I'm such a bitch, I'm gonna punch myself. But yeah, it was cool, I wouldn't call it a limo really though, it's more like a car with complimentary water and nice air fresheners? Anyways, we got to the hotel soon enough and checked in, got some complimentary juice at the counter, because I live that fab life ofc. and we went to the room to drop our bags off and freshen up before going to the beach side shack for food. So bloody expensive. But oh well, food is good. I like food. We took the shuttle bus to the mall from then because I had to buy a new SD card, not my fault, those things are small and easy to forget okay. And to get to Georgetown, we had to hire a trishaw. All was well, honestly, until I found out our trishaw driver was a 70 something year old man who just looked tired. He had to cycle us for almost 10 minutes, I was seriously about to just hop out and be all, SIT DOWN AND LET ME DRIVE YOU OKAY, JUST TELL ME WHERE TO GO. God, I felt like crying. Anyways we got to Georgetown and we ate, again, yes I know, and walked around the old UNESCO heritage site. Besides the pastel colored buildings and the Grecian alley ways, it was pretty normal, nothing outstanding. But then we went to Little India and I got my own head dressing thing and wore it around like a boss. Everyone stared and/or clapped for me, but thats the kinda attention whore I am. We shopped a little bit without actually buying anything, and then had hawker food and went back to the hotel. 
Productive day there guys. It was actually gorgeous. Only thing I regret was not buying the 80 dollar film camera that was gorgeous, but me, trying to be noble, just haaaad to walk away. God, this is why I hate myself. Anyways, yeah, that's it!

I can't be bothered to write any more diary entries but I will when I get back from Animal farm rehearsals.



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